The Immokalee Foundation The Power of Paying it Forward

Your personal impact is waiting to happen!

I’m happy to say that the time-honored concept of paying it forward is alive and well at The Immokalee Foundation.

Since opening our doors in 1991, The Immokalee Foundation has empowered over 15,000 of Immokalee’s best and brightest—from kindergarten through postsecondary education. With the assistance of passionate supporters, the Foundation has been paying it forward and making dreams come true for over 31 years.

Today, our innovative Career Pathways program provides students with new pathways to success and financial independence. This unique educational approach prepares these motivated young people for well-paying, in-demand careers in four specific pathways: Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Education & Human Services, Engineering & Construction Management, and Healthcare.

Student participation also leads to enhanced career options that increase income levels and impact the entire family’s financial health for generations.

Understandably, all nonprofits need financial contributions; however, for us, meaningful support goes beyond much-appreciated dollars and cents. Year after year, our enthusiastic volunteers pay it forward by showing up for our students when and where we need them most!

Career Panels & Field Trips Inspire Every Time

Each year, several local organizations and dozens of professionals volunteer their time to enhance our career-building curriculum by sharing their professional expertise with our student population.

Every encouraging speaker and eye-opening field trip dramatically impacts our Career Pathways students. Just as our Business Management & Entrepreneurship Pathway participants profit from time spent with management, marketing, finance and operations teams, our Healthcare Pathway students benefit from discussions with highly skilled doctors, nurses and clinicians.

Add additional community support for our Engineering & Construction Management and Education & Human Services Pathways—as well as our Middle School and Postsecondary Programs—and the volunteer opportunities to impact a young person’s professional development escalate significantly.

These events always allow time for presenters to engage directly with students and take place at The Immokalee Foundation’s Programs Office. They can also take place virtually or at the host’s workplace.

Internships are the Ultimate Win-Win Situation

We are honored to partner with local businesses to provide our students with paid internships. In addition to their pathway curriculum, each prospective intern prepares for their internship by completing a Fundamentals of Workplace Readiness course hosted by Florida Gulf Coast University.

These life-changing experiences enable students to combine on-the-job work experience with access to skilled professionals in their field of interest. Participating organizations benefit from additional workplace support and the knowledge that they are investing in Southwest Florida’s future workforce.

Engaging an Immokalee Foundation intern not only enables your employees to mentor new talent, but the collaboration brings a fresh perspective to your organization.

Mentoring Unleashes Each Student’s Potential

The Immokalee Foundation matches volunteer mentors with middle and high school students, significantly impacting our students’ ability to achieve postsecondary and career success.

These dedicated men and women meet with their student mentees once a week, contributing their time, attention, and experience while offering hope and optimism for achievement.

As an Immokalee Foundation mentor, you will change a young person’s life—but the other life being changed, well, that one belongs to YOU!

There’s never been a better time—or reason—to pay it forward. To learn more about options that best suit your volunteer goals, contact Yeimi Espinoza at 239-657-2461 or email

About The Immokalee Foundation

To learn more about The Immokalee Foundation, become a mentor, signature events, volunteer as a career panel speaker or host, donate, or include the Foundation in your estate plans, please call 239-430-9122 or visit

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