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For over 30 years, The Immokalee Foundation has been 100% focused on education and professional development.

Left to Right: Aracely V., Dr. Patricia Schwarz, PT, DPT, CEAS, and Dimitri Schwarz from Results Care in Immokalee.

by Noemi Y. Perez, President and CEO

Of all the things many of us appreciate about Southwest Florida, access to excellent healthcare is high on the list.

Our area healthcare providers continue to work diligently to expand as well as enhance their capabilities to keep up with Collier County’s growing demand for healthcare products and services.

Due to the recent population explosion, healthcare facility expansion will provide little benefit without qualified staff to work with patients. And at The Immokalee Foundation, we’re doing our part to help.

For over 30 years, The Immokalee Foundation has been 100% focused on education and professional development. This year alone, over 1,300 students will benefit from our programs, from kindergarten through postsecondary education.

Our alumni are already working throughout Southwest Florida as physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and technicians—and we’re committed to adding to the talent pool in the years ahead.

Our innovative Career Pathways Program is a comprehensive educational approach that breaks new ground in preparing students for professional careers. In addition to Healthcare, our pathways include Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Education & Human Services, and Engineering & Construction Management.

Each year, our Career Pathways students are introduced to in demand career opportunities through guest speakers, career building summer camps, hands-on activities, field trips, internships and more.

When Foundation student Aracely V. joined The Immokalee Foundation’s Healthcare Pathway, she wanted to become a neonatal nurse. However, because of her internship with Results Care in Immokalee, she decided to pursue a career as an ultrasound technologist.

Aracely’s experience as an intern enabled her to learn how to use the equipment, such as the cervical and back tractions. It was through this life-changing experience that she found a love for working with medical machines and patients—together.

Student Fabian E. chose to follow the Foundation’s Healthcare Pathway because of his passion for helping those who are suffering.

“When I was young, I experienced multiple trips to the hospital due to broken bones and heart problems. I will always remember how it felt to be surrounded by caring doctors and nurses,” Estrada recalls. “My love for science and math has also fed my desire to become a biomedical engineer.”

Due to his parents’ seasonal work in agriculture, he was born in Fletcher, North Carolina and spent all his life moving back and forth between North Carolina and Florida.

“I was accepted into The Immokalee Foundation in my sixth grade year. My parents already had experience with the organization since my older brother was a participant,” he explains. “My parents came from Mexico with minimal education and therefore, the couldn’t provide much guidance when it came to education, yet always encouraged us to strive for more. Coming from a low income town, participating in The Immokalee Foundation’s programs is one of the few opportunities we have available. And we’re grateful.”

Please, join us in preparing the next generation of skilled healthcare professionals. For more information, visit or call 239-430-9122. You can also support us through our Amazon Wish List, available online at

About The Immokalee Foundation

For more than 30 years, The Immokalee Foundation has maintained a 100% focus on education and professional development for students in Immokalee—from kindergarten to postsecondary education. Through support, mentoring, tutoring, and life skills development, The Immokalee Foundation provides pathways to success for those who may not otherwise have had the opportunity to succeed. For additional information visit

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