The ‘Clay In May’

One Giant Leap For Tennis In Southwest Florida!

tennisCommunist parades, medieval pole festivals, an enormous tennis tournament; it must be May. And in this season ending month here at Cambier Park in downtown Naples we speak tournament tennis; and we speak it fluently. That’s because arguably the biggest tennis tournament around is about to start. With annual participation of over 500 entrants, spanning the entire month of May, this truly is a category 5 storm of an event.

With its unique format of self-match scheduling and month-long play, the entire local tennis community comes together for this festival of tennis. Both the players and spectators truly create an electric atmosphere.

On June 21st, 1969 man first set foot on the moon. But two months before this occurred; there was the start of something momentous in Naples, Florida. The very first ‘Clay In May’ (as the tournament is now referred to) was begun. For 45 years players have been competing for the title of City Champion in this richest of traditions in local tennis. Historically, it was one small step for a tennis center; but one giant leap for tennis in Southwest Florida.

So come on downtown to the Arthur Allen Tennis Center in Cambier Park. This year’s entry deadline will be Friday, April 24th, so whether as a player or spectator you can experience tennis excitement and history this May!

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