The CCSO tells us that the Calendar Drive Was a Success!

The Collier County Sheriff ’s Office couldn’t have planned it any better. The Sheriff ’s Office’s “Planning for Success” drive was a huge success, thanks to community members who responded to the agency’s request for donations of new 2020 calendars and day planners. The drive was so successful CCSO plans to make it an annual event.

Sheriff Kevin Rambosk recently presented more than 600 calendars and appointment books that were collected to Collier County Judge Janeice Martin at Collier County Sheriff ’s Office Headquarters. “This is a terrific example that illustrates what can be accomplished when a community joins together,” Sheriff Rambosk said. “Thanks to the generosity of everyone who contributed to this effort the recipients of these calendars will have an important tool to help them succeed.”

The appointment books will be provided to individuals going through Drug Court, Mental Health Court or Veterans Court in Collier County. The goal of these programs is to help qualifying nonviolent offenders reintegrate into the community by completing  probation. Judge Martin presides over all of the treatment courts in addition to her regular caseload.

Attending treatment court requires participants to go through a rigorous schedule of multiple mandatory court appearances
as well as attend regular group and individual therapy sessions. Missing a court date or other mandatory appearance can mean
the participant fails the program. A day planner or calendar can be the best tool to help program participants complete probation and rebuild their lives.

Judge Martin expressed her gratitude and called the community’s generosity a “very powerful gesture.” “Too often, mental illness and addiction cause our clients to feel isolated and totally cutoff from the community,” Judge Martin said. “They show tremendous courage when they step forward to accept our help, and to attempt the hard work necessary to overcome their  challenges, and achieve a lasting recovery.

What you have done with these calendars is to let them know they are a part of a community that cares, that they matter, and that they can succeed in their goals in recovery.“ Donors were invited to jot down an inspirational message on the planner or calendar for the recipient to read. One message read, “Dear friend, please accept this planner as a token in confidence that whatever journey you are on, you will arrive at your destination stronger than when you began.” Another message of support written was, “The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles.”

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