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It has been my honor to serve on the Congressional District 19 United States Military Academies selection board for the last 10 years. This year’s interview process was much like years past. We find the student applicants to be bright, patriotic and hard workers. Some candidates are soft spoken while others are more expressive.

Many have sought this career path for years perhaps because a parent or sibling attended. For others they are following a long line of generational military service. Some have decided within the last year that attending one of the military academies is the way they want to pursue their education and career.

We have ROTC students that have spent their high school years already immersed in a military program. Students that view an academy appointment as a way to be on the cutting edge in
terms of their education and subsequent careers. They all have the necessary credentials to succeed and have demonstrated to date in their schooling the skills needed to prioritize work and perform under pressure.

Many applicants have only one service branch they wish to serve in while others may have two, three or four they are interested in. These young men and women are not only seeking an
education. There is an underlying commitment to honor and serve their country. When you sit down and speak with them about their futures it is clear that they are well aware they may find  themselves in harm’s way as they protect our country.

With all the uncertainty and chaos transpiring in our country it gives one great pride to see these young men and women that choose not to complain but to step forward and become future leaders in our great nation.

As you follow the appointees through their time at the various academies you feel great pride in their achievements. Of all the service I have given to my community throughout my life
nothing comes close to the honor of assisting in sending these very special young men and women on their chosen journey to serve and protect our nation.

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