Straight Talk

by Erick Carter

In between your salon visits, you want to wash your hair, especially in hot, sticky weather. You have curly hair, frizzy hair, very wavy hair and are afraidto try to handle it by yourself.

Here is the “straight talk.” You can do this:

An oil treatment such as Deep Shine Oil by Rusk before showering for about 10 minutes allows the oil to soak in. Got fine hair? Just oil the ends.

Shampoo and condition as you would normally. Towel-dry hair until damp. Then use your styling product from roots to hair ends.

Spray hair with a heat protected silicone spray. Using a vented paddle brush, pull hair as straight as possible.

When hair is almost dry, switch to a round brush—I like a mix of nylon and boar bristles to achieve a smoother look.

Smooth, not round, is the look you want.

Flat iron for that finished look.

Remember to adjust the heat based on your hair thickness. Please use a heat resistant glove on your working hand! A flat iron product such as Thermal Flat Iron Spray by Rusk will help protect your hair and create a better result.

Complete with an aerosol shine spray such as Thermal Shine Spray by Rusk.

Practice makes perfect so follow the steps above. If you need any additional information, please call me for more “straight talk.”

I would like to invite all readers to write in your questions. You can do so by email at or call me at239.777.2380.

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