Reg Buxton…Things I’m Thankful For as I start 2021 with Gratitude

Starting the New Year with Gratitude is not only Insightful but sets the Tone for the upcoming months 

• Collier County Commissioners had the good sense to vote for a mask ordinance

• Paul Hiltz’s leadership at the helm of NCH during pandemic

• The philanthropic community in Naples a year into the pandemic continues their critical donations of time, talent and treasure ensuring that help reaches those businesses and individuals in need.

• The First Responders in the City of Naples and Collier County. Our police, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics daily put their lives in jeopardy with each and every interaction with the public.

• The physicians, nurses and healthcare workers that show up every day, many working double shifts to make certain the patients are cared for and that no one dies alone

• Poodles

• The big five of Collier County: Guadalupe Center, The Immokalee Foundation, Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida, The David Lawrence Center and Neighborhood Health Clinic. These organizations advocate and provide safety nets for some of the community’s most vulnerable.

• The Collier County COVID-19 Partners Task Force

• The businesses in the City of Naples who saw the wisdom in making masks mandatory for their customers. Someone had to be an adult about this.

• My pet rock, godzilla

• Those who when dining out are tipping far more than the usual 20%

• Happy the Naples Beach Club project is going forward as it will revitalize that area starting with the sale in May 2021 to The Athens Group.

• Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream

• Our educators who in far from ideal conditions are doing great work to educate our children

• GOD, for being there

• For our country that no matter what the problem, manages to still be the best place in the world to be born in.

• My wife whose endless love and understanding of me never waivers. Not an easy thing to do.

Reg Buxton is the Owner and Publisher of Life in Naples Magazine 

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