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Giovanni Lunardi, Bambion Bambino con Sedie, Catania, Sicilia, photograph, 1965

Giovanni Lunardi, Bambion Bambino con Sedie, Catania, Sicilia, photograph, 1965

Art is exciting. That is the point. Art is meant to excite emotion. A good piece of art inspires anything but apathy. Furthermore, art is in everything we do, everywhere we look and anything we touch.

Good design is an art that continually revolutionizes our experience of the world around us. The Naples Art Association at The von Liebig Art Center has spent sixty years working on its mission to promote and advance education, interest and participation in the visual arts through exciting programming aimed at the broad spectrum of individuals who make up our community.

As you can imagine, after 60 years they are getting pretty good at creating exciting opportunities to engage in art and creativity. For the summer of 2014, The Naples Art Association has put together a series of programming that will have you dining with legendary Italian fashion photographer Giovanni Lunardi, attending the introduction of the Fazioli concert grand piano to the United States, and drinking wine while painting with friends.

Your children will enjoy creating LE GO® Brick engineering projects, fine tuning their photo-editing skills, or learning about art and music through studying the form and function of instruments or the correlations between art and music during the French Impressionism movement.

Becoming involved or increasing your involvement in The Naples Art Association will increase your opportunities for rich and fulfilling engagement with the arts and will also leverage your ability to positively influence your community. The arts connect.

The arts connect individuals who value creativity. The arts empower individuals to make novel connections between concepts, people and places. In this way, according to the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, arts and arts education “develop the precise set of skills that are most competitive in the emerging global economy.”

Due to the fact that art facilitates making connections, individuals “who engage in high-quality arts learning will have an advantage in competing for high-paying jobs in growth industries.” Supporting and participating in the arts yields more than entertainment; support and participation for the arts is support for the competitive
abilities of yourself, your loved ones and your community.

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