Putting Purpose to Her Pain

Jana Seaman’s world was completely shattered when her first love, Jon, was unexpectedly diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Jana was expecting their second child and their oldest daughter was only four years old at the time.

Their family didn’t back down to cancer and fought hard through chemotherapy, their daughter’s birth, a short remission, and a bone marrow transplant. However, after a grueling fifteen-month battle, Jana had to make the impossible decision to remove life support.

At just thirty-two years old, she was left to raise their two children on her own.

After his death Jana realized she had two choices – allow her grief to consume her and ultimately define her family for the rest of their lives or she could put purpose to her pain and drive forward into the next chapter of her life; carrying her love for Jon with her.

She admits there were days where she wanted to do nothing except lay on the couch and cry because of what had happened, but the fire of love for Jon, their daughters, and her own life wouldn’t let her stay on the couch. Sure, it would’ve been much easier to sit in sadness than to rebuild the life she desired, but their long Leukemia battle had taught Jana that time is extremely precious and always fleeting.

Jana knew she had to be bold to go after what she truly wanted in life: a joyful family unit again. She knew she had to be bold in pursuing what was best for her family; not allowing the opinions of those around her to control her decisions and breaking free from all of her limiting beliefs – where our mindset holds us back.

Fighting off fear, uncertainty, and her limiting beliefs, Jana pushed out of her comfort zone and chased after her dreams for her family. Jana truly believed that it was her responsibility to pickup all her broken, messy pieces and create something beautiful out of them again. She knew it was possible and that even though her world was flipped upside down, her world was not over.

Jana claims that what most would consider a ‘fairytale’ ending is yours for the taking and the extraordinary life she lives today is proof of what is possible after great loss and life transition.

Jana’s new passion, after her own journey, is to help people through the gap of transition- going from where you find yourself today and arriving to the life you truly desire. Living an extraordinary life after devastating loss requires intentional action, clarity of exactly what you want, an actual plan to get there, discovering what is holding you back, and accountability to the results.

Jana works along side her team to help individuals learn how to close their gap. She is a true inspiration to others experiencing pain because she teaches them how to honor their loss while getting hope for their future. Learn more about Jana’s story at www.janaseaman.com

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