Publishers’ Message – March 2015

Baker Park

Reg Buxton

Reg Buxton

Last year the Mayor reached out to the public for donations so Baker Park could be built with the amenities that the public had expressed that they would like in the park. All the items whether donated or included in the budget for the park were examined at the February 4th meeting.

There were no cost numbers for any of the items. It was suggested that nothing be removed until the 60 percent plan was completed.

The reason for this suggestion was that at the 60 percent plan completion phase there would be cost estimates, engineering results about the site on what they could or couldn’t withstand and a myriad of other facts that were needed to make an intelligent choice of whether to keep these items, move them, or just say no to any that the majority of the council weren’t comfortable with at that time. This approach was not taken and many items that were donated were removed. Included in this was a return of a $500,000 donation In talking with many citizens some of whom had donated items already they were as a whole extremely disappointed.

What seemed most disappointing to these citizens was that these cuts were made without a solid figure of total cost. Nothing would have been lost but perhaps much gained by waiting until the 60 percent completed plan was brought forward with solid numbers and facts.

Having the facts in front would seem to lead to a well-informed decision. This council has a history of working together and listening to their constituents. Those I have talked to do not believe that has happened in this case. The call from the community is work together on this, listen to the majority that has spoken out many times on what they want in their park.

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