Publisher Message August 2015

Reg Buxton

Reg Buxton

Naples is a perfect community for living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Volleyball on the beach, tennis, golfing, walking, running and cycling are just a few of the choices. Unfortunately, Florida is also known as the deadliest state in the nation for some of these activities such as cycling and walking.

We need a community plan which will make it safer and more enjoyable for all concerned. We definitely need more sidewalks, bike paths and green space in general. This profile also blends perfectly with the “Blue Zones Project” which I and many other community leaders are endorsing and collectively working towards.

The Gordon River Greenway, a well planned system, which includes the new Baker Park are all contributing to a smart and purposeful community.

These initiatives ensure that the next generation will serve as role models in lifestyle choices for those that follow them.

Reg ColumnIn thinking about these things I believe that time has come for us to evaluate traffic flow as well as walkways to determine what is best for both businesses and the safety of our citizens.

It is no secret that living in Naples has benefits personal as well as professional, our job is to see that this continues. To understand what one group of citizens is doing about this turn to page 48 and read about the Naples Pathways Coalition’s work.

One more thing, as a community we all have a responsibility to manage our health as well as healthcare costs with smarter choices.

The well worn phrase “what you don’t use you lose” has never been more true. Options, we all love them, make one of your choices to move more and sit less. Let’s just get this done!

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