Please Tell Me Why Anyone Would Vote NO? … a message from your publisher

A state-of-the-art heart center

Staffed by the best physicians in the world

Being built close to the most vulnerable population

Care within 15 minutes of your home not a 3 hour flight

Over 100 million dollars already in donations from the public

This project will not affect city resident taxes

New structure will be three feet shorter than the existing Baker Hospital

All heart and stroke patient needs are to be centralized in one  state-of-the-art building

When having a heart attack, mortality increases by 7-10% for every 30 minute delay

You have a building designed by experts in this field with input from the physicians and medical staff who will use it. It is being dissected by those who perhaps are an expert in some field but certainly not this one. At the very least common sense says we should not listen to a random set of experts but rather those who are experts in the building at hand.

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