Planned Giving: Leaving a Legacy

by Kelly Krupp, Vice President of Philanthropy at Guadalupe Center

We all hope to leave a legacy. We want to leave our children and grandchildren with the best education, the best environment, the best parks, the best libraries and the best opportunities possible. It’s about leaving our community in a better place than when we arrived.

At Guadalupe Center, generous supporters are funding program expansion to help more children in Immokalee access high-quality early learning. They are funding college-preparatory programming and college scholarship funds so children of farmworkers and laborers can go to and graduate from college debt-free. They are funding technology and innovation that allow students to excel in a virtual learning environment. Beyond that, they are funding hope for the future, and a belief that with access to education, children can achieve endless possibilities.

That’s how you create a legacy. Guadalupe Center is blessed to have a robust Annual Giving Campaign to
address the immediate, day-to-day needs of students and programs, like helping cover costs of enrollment, teachers and instructional materials. However, more than ever, supporters are thoughtfully turning their
attention to planned giving so they can make a difference in the lives of Immokalee students for generations to come.

“We always encourage our students to dream big and recognize that possibilities are endless,” said
Guadalupe Center President Dawn Montecalvo. “Planned giving allows our donors to dream big, too. The
gift of education has the power to transform a student’s life and officially break the cycle of poverty within their family.” Creating a legacy, however, takes planning. The key is knowing where to start.

Mark Nagan (left) is a longtime supporter of Guadalupe Center and serves on its Board of Trustees and Annual Giving Advisory Council. A dedicated volunteer, Nagan also is a trusted mentor for many Tutor Corps students, including Katherine Orozco (right).

Planned Giving Made Simple                                                                        Did you know that only about 10-15% of America’s wealth is held in cash? The rest exists in real estate, life insurance, retirement accounts and other assets. Planned giving allows donors to make contributions to nonprofits using these vehicles. That philanthropic support can impact nonprofits and charities for many years to come. While some planned giving vehicles like a Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Lead Trust can be more complex, there are a number of simple ways you can make a planned gift.

• Living Trusts and Wills: Donors can list one or more nonprofits as beneficiaries in a will or living trust.
Similarly, a nonprofit can be the beneficiary of assets held in a Qualified Retirement Plan.

• Charitable rollover: IRA owners ages 70½ and older can make qualified charitable distributions that are excluded from income tax, up to $100,000 per taxpayer per year.

• Donor Advised Funds: DAFs are a great way to see immediate tax deductions and support organizations you are passionate about in your lifetime and beyond. Funds can be distributed through grants as well as a beneficiary designation.

• Life Insurance: Donors can make an organization a partial or full beneficiary on an existing life insurance policy.

• Appreciated stock: Transferring stocks that have increased in value can provide greater tax advantages than a cash donation, and the market value of securities can be deductible. In many cases, planned giving also can result in significant tax savings for donors and their beneficiaries. That’s why it is important to consult with an attorney or financial advisor when considering a planned gift.

Support Education
Skilled financiers always pay attention to their return on investment. All charitable causes are worthy, but education offers a tremendous ROI that outperforms many leading indicators. Students who have completed Guadalupe Center’s Early Childhood Education, After-school Tutoring & Summer Enrichment and Tutor Corps programs have returned to Immokalee as business leaders, health care specialists, engineers, educators and public service workers. Education transforms lives.

Before donors lend their financial support to Guadalupe Center, many lend themselves as volunteers. Guadalupe Center has an incredible mentor program that allows supporters to work one-on-one with college-bound high school students. Additionally, volunteers can help coordinate specific activities, like collecting
school supplies and holiday gifts. Others help stock the shelves and price items at Guadalupe Resale Shop, where proceeds help fund academic programs. Guadalupe Center also invites community representatives to serve on its various committees and councils to help steer the organization.

Philanthropic support provides Immokalee families with access to Guadalupe Center’s nationally accredited Early Childhood Education Program. More than 95% of ECE graduates meet or exceed Florida’s kindergarten readiness standards.

Your gift – whether that is time, talent or treasure – is needed today, tomorrow and beyond.

Guadalupe Center is committed to its mission of breaking the cycle of poverty through education for the children of Immokalee. To donate, please visit or call 239-657-7711.

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