Optima Foundation presents Greg Gutfeld at Inaugural Gala

An Evening with Greg Gutfeld  

The King of Late Night & Champion for School Choice

Greg Gutfeld has been called “outrageous and outspoken,” neither of which he denies. A libertarian, political satirist, humorist, and author, Greg is best known as co-host of the Fox News hit show The Five and now as host of the #1 rated late night show GUTFELD! Greg shows his support for School Choice and Parent’s Rights on the air to his widely diverse audience. This event will be exciting, entertaining and most important raise funds in support of school choice and a variety of aspects crucial to the growth and success of our students and initiatives.

WHEN: Sunday, March 26, 2023

WHERE: Ritz-Carlton at Naples, Tiburon

2600 Tiburon Drive   Naples, FL 34109

WHAT: Cocktail Reception: 6:00pm Dinner & Program: 7:00pm

NEED TICKETS? Go to GutfeldNaples.com


Why Fundraise? 

Example, we have 5 new brick & mortar classical academies on the drawing board, two in Lee County and 3 other locations opening over the next 2 years. Did you know we must raise over $500,000 for each school opening? In the two years before state funding is received, Optima provides funding to hire a founding principal, purchase furniture and classroom materials, market enrollment and more.  We also recruit, hire, and train excellent school leaders and faculty during that time period.

There is tremendous demand for better school choices. Our virtual school courses delivered by Virtual Reality are helping students recover from the learning loss suffered due to the pandemic and many other special needs of families and students. We are asking for the support of School Choice advocates like you to help us deliver these opportunities. We are training the hearts and minds of the next generation to be good citizens and great leaders of our country

About Optima Foundation

The goal of The Optima Foundation is to expand excellent school choice options for all Florida families and beyond! In our Classical Education schools, we believe in teaching students the true history of our country, honoring parents’ rights, and upholding moral standards. Gender ideology and political or cultural indoctrination have taken the place of quality curriculum in many schools, while parents are being kept in the dark about important decisions affecting their children. Your support allows Optima to give parents academic options they can trust.

The Optima Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was founded in 2017 to support the establishment and expansion of superior quality schools of choice. Our mission is to provide every family with access to a knowledge-rich and virtue-based classical education, through Charter Schools, Virtual Courses, Microschools, and other academic partnerships. Learn more about our schools, products and services at OptimaEd.com. All or a portion of sponsor donations are tax deductible for individuals and businesses.



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