One for the Men

One for the MenNaples is a fantastic place for men’s fashion, and this summer is no exception. Here are some of the latest fashion trends straight from the international runways and leading fashion experts.

New summer fashion trends

Bright colored pants are in! Think shades like mustard and watermelon. One collection, Paige, has even come out with a ‘highlighter’ collection.

Suits are still popular, but choose something besides navy or black. Similarly, lightweight outerwear is a must. Jackets should be bought in breathable fabric and in light hues such as tan, white, and pastel.

Stripes of all types are being seen all over the place: from nautical to pinstripe, horizontal to vertical. Try pairing your stripes with a summer blazer or denim jacket – but make sure you don’t sport more than one piece of denim at a time.

casual wear menCasual Wear in Naples

Casual wear is taking some of its cues from the 50s and 60s (a very good period for men’s fashion!) and favoring a look that seems effortlessly classy yet relaxed at the same time. You will find a clear influence from the Gatsby era. White oxford shirts, plain Ts, soft brown loafers, and light cashmere sweaters are all in in vogue. Paired with a summer blazer, the look is complete. Even muted ginghams are making a comeback, especially in shades of blue.

Remember, nothing says sophisticated like a well-fitting outfit. Make sure you get the right size, and if you aren’t sure, you can always consider a custom tailor. Go for an aged look only if it looks genuine – no artificial acid washed jeans, guys.

Polos and dress shirts are generally tucked in this summer, but rolled sleeves provide a laid back appeal.

Even if you are going very casual, stay away from cargo pants and sweat pants at all times, unless you are lounging in your house.

Formal wear

This summer men are steering away from black suits and weighty fabric to stay cooler. The boldest man is wearing a white tuxedo, but there is plenty of opportunity for keeping cool no matter your style and comfort level. The tailored dinner jacket is also in this summer, alongside the 100% light, breathable cotton shirt. Cummerbunds and extra vests are optional this summer, so don’t feel obligated to suit up to excess in hot temps.

Mens Formal new fallNew for fall 2013

Although it’s a little early to know much about the fall, one thing is for sure: green is making a comeback. From London to Milan, men are being seen on the runway in greens of all hues, from muted olive to luxurious emerald. Long coats with lapels are looking promising.

The key is versatility

Men’s palette this fall allows for more experimentation, with a whole range of colors coming into play.

Most importantly, learn what’s in, and choose items from this summer’s collection that suit your personality. Don’t dress to be someone you’re not; dress to be your best self.

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