Oh Say Can You Sea?

padparadcha 2We Neapolitans love our coastal region for the same reasons that visitors can cite by rote; warm sunny days, loads of exotic native flora not seen outside the Gulf Coast,
and of course our gorgeous beaches.

Ah, water, so inspirational. A leisurely stroll along the shorelines reminds one of what is truly important in life. Simply put, water refreshes inside and out. So it’s also natural that we occasionally wish to flaunt our charmed life with jewelry and a nod to our seaside locale.

Nautical StarfishNautical themed jewels are not a new concept by a long shot. Actually, the first known human adornment ever found dates back hundreds of thousands of years to Morocco, Tunisia and Israel; all similar Mediterranean coastal regions. Whereas early fashionistas used actual shells and found objects from the sea, modern jewelry lovers prefer artfully designed marine themed pieces set in precious metal and gemstones.

But not all nautical themed jewelry is equal. Mass manufacturers crank out dolphin and gator charms by the boatload for visitors; and that’s all fine and dandy. But those of us who collect only what are excellent to wear demand exclusive styles with superb craftsmanship. I think I found just the ticket.

Glamorous designer Cherie Dori launched its yummy Nautical Collection this season and it’s being snatched up like Cronuts. The collection features seaside icons like a dazzling seahorse and the sculptural starfish shown here. The fluid lines of its form mesmerizes in diamonds and colorful precious gemstones, set in 18K white gold.

You don’t have to go far to get up close and personal with this sparkler. Stroll into the ever so welcoming Wm. Phelps Custom Jewelers at the Village on Venetian Bay. They seem to have a handle on what Naples women love to wear . . . for the last quarter century or so. 3

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