New Program Launched at Hodges University for English Learners

by Dr. Leisha Cali, Director of ESL, Hodges University

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching is seeing students make lifelong transformations. My students are learning English as a second language. There are many reasons why learning English is important to them. First, being able to speak and understand English builds their confidence. Second, it takes away roadblocks that can inhibit and prevent them from reaching their personal and professional goals. Third, many are parents who want to help their children succeed in school.

In today’s global market, English is the third most spoken language in the world, and 55% of the internet’s content is in English. Moreover, the most visited sites in the world are in English. Job seekers who know more than one language, and especially English, have a distinct advantage because many organizations need professionals with those skills.

Contrary to common belief, the backbone to any language is its grammar and not its vocabulary. Grammar is the system and structure we use to convey meaning. When you can navigate grammar, you can communicate effectively and interpret interactions correctly.

There are various options for those who want to learn English, but even those can present barriers. Some may be shy, embarrassed, or afraid to communicate in a classroom. Perhaps they prefer to learn, practice and review at their own pace. Others may not want or be able to attend onsite classes. Furthermore, some programs can be time and cost prohibitive.

For these reasons and more, I’ve created a new program called English Grammar Online. It is completely online and mobile friendly. All students need is access to the internet and a device like a phone, tablet or computer they can access anytime.

What sets this program apart from others? English Grammar Online does not present endless lists of vocabulary that may not be useful to the learner. It is focused only on what English learners need to understand, say, and know to become fluent and feel confident when communicating in real life situations at home, school, or work.

English Grammar Online is a brand new offering through Hodges Connect at Hodges University. It is a completely online, self-paced program for learners who want to increase their knowledge and mastery of essential skills at their own pace. It has three levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Each level consists of three courses with four lessons that build on each other. Each lesson presents grammatical content with interactive activities and optional audio, high frequency vocabulary and pronunciation practice, practice tests to assess mastery, and practical application videos that clarify concepts and highlight strategies for using grammar in a variety of real life situations and scenarios.

The practical application videos also have a closed caption feature and cover areas less focused on in a language class or online program, such as accent, rhythm, stress, and melody, critical knowledge for communicating effectively with speakers of American English. Most unique to this program is its diverse and varied content and delivery, which promise something new in every lesson.

The ultimate goal of this program is to help students thrive and not just survive when using English.

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