New Degree at Hodges is More Than Positive

Dr. Mary Nuosce,

by Dr. Mary Nuosce, Dean, Nichols School of Professional Studies
for Hodges University

W hen life is especially challenging, we look to people that can bring a positive element to our lives.

Who are these people? They are your family, friends and colleagues. What do they have in common? Whether they are conscious of it or not, they practice positive psychology.

What is positive psychology? It’s best described that people who want to live their lives in a meaningful and fulfilling way. They take the best within themselves so they can enhance their experiences at work, play and love.

For those of us who would like to apply the elements of positive psychology in our lives, Hodges University now offers a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology.

We are one of the few universities in the country that offers this degree. Our degree teaches students how individual strengths can help others, and communities at large, to thrive.

The idea of positive psychology isn’t new. American psychologist Martin Seligman, who is also an educator and author of self-help books, is considered the founder of positive psychology.

This degree consists of 10 courses that build to a thesis project near the end. Courses include Behaviorism, Positive Psychology and Leadership, Positive Psychology Applied to Administration/Supervision Skills, Motivational Enhancement, Advanced Social Psychology, Positive Psychology and Motivation, and the Thesis project.

These classes together create a strong foundation for our students to develop their expertise in making the workplace moreeffective, and apply both psychological and behavioral research to gain personally and professionally. This means our students can maximize their strengths while maintaining a positive outlook.

The final thesis project is tailored to each of our student’s career interests. That could include a strategic plan for a business or company, a research thesis paper, community effort that creates positive change and more.

In addition, while earning this degree, our students can enhance their self-employment confidence and skills because they can apply positive psychology practices.

With these skills, our students can pursue or enhance their careers in schools, research firms, human resources, healthcare facilities, life coaching, guidance and career counseling and governmental agencies.

Imagine the type of leader that this degree helps our graduates to be! By understanding how people handle situations and what motivates them, you can be an effective leader for the different types of personalities and work habits of the employees you oversee.

For example, a small business owner, like one who owns a fitness center, can apply those skills when overseeing employees.

In turn, those employees, like fitness instructors, can use what they learn to positively affect their clients. The same can be said for team coaches.

Like Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

For more information about the Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology degree, and Hodges University, visit or call 888-920-3035.

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