Naples Zoo Presents BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise

Naples Zoo is excited to be showcasing life-size animal sculptures with a new traveling exhibit, BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise. The brick-built statues will be on display through April 4, 2021.

BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise features more than30 animal sculptures and two photo opportunities created with over 1.8million individual bricks.

The traveling exhibit has only been at three zoos in the United States previously. This is the first time the exhibit will be in Florida.

The sculptures will be featured throughout the Zoo for guests to enjoy. Many of the sculptures are familiar Naples Zoo species -such as a 4-foot tall lion, a 12-foot tall giraffe, and a 10-foot long alligator.

Additionally, guests will encounter some animals they would not normally see at Naples Zoo, including a 4-foot tall giant panda, a 7-foot long elephant, and an 8-foot long rhino.

Displayed near the sculptures are colorful graphics featuring interesting animal facts and statistics such as the size of each figure, how many bricks were used to build each one, and the amount of time it took to create each piece.

This will be the fourth traveling exhibit that Naples Zoo has hosted in as many years. These exhibits require an abundance of planning and coordination across many departments in the Zoo to ensure a successful experience for guests.

The first step is to become familiar with the requirements of the exhibits per the contract. Each exhibit is different and it is imperative to know how the exhibit will be loaded and delivered, set up details such as size, weight, and durability, and equipment required for setting individual pieces, signage and messaging to our guests, and how best to immerse the pieces within the zoo garden.

We also reach out to other facilities that have recently hosted the exhibit to gather any advice or lessons learned.

Traveling exhibits add an extra experience to your zoo visit and we are excited to share BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise with you!

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