Message from your publisher – January 2017

Reg BuxtonNaples is known for many reasons, one of which is our exhibited kindness toward others. Any cowardly act of a hate crime is a crime to all of us.

I recently attended a Shabbat of Solidarity at Temple Shalom and this month my message is part of a reading used in their program that night. I found it to be an inspiration and hope you do too.

“We are the stewards of America, her ideals and institutions her cities and natural beauty. We are entrusted to understand America’s past and guide her future.

Many of us were immigrants and refugees from all regions of the world, fleeing the affliction of poverty and oppression. Drawn by the promise of a better life, we chose America, and she took us into safe harbor.

In some parts of the world, our differences would be threatening, we feel enriched.

In America, our differences resonate in our names,language, food and music. They inspire art, and produce champions and leaders.

We feel free to disagree. We are a family, and what is a family gathering without debate?

We believe in fairness. In America, the loudest voice does not always have the last word, and every voice has aright to be heard.

We act in hope. Not because life is perfect, but because we are free to face life, and all its imperfections, on our own terms.

We rely on faith.In a sturdy and tested framework of law and government that works, because of the confidence we place in it, and in each other.

We are thankful for the freedom to celebrate together.

Knowing that in America, each and every person is entitled to a place and a voice.”

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