Making The Move

All of Making the moveus will make a residential move at some point and for the baby-boomers, who have collected a vast amount of treasures, downsizing a household can be an overwhelming experience.

Recently, a local couple sent me an email saying the wife was panicking at the thought of sorting through her possessions in order to move into a smaller beachfront condo — downsizing from a 5,000 square foot home. They were excited about the move stating the views were great but the storage was not. They asked me for advice on how to start the process since everything seemed to have a memory attached.

I thought my response to the couple could be helpful to others in similar situations.

“There are over 10,000 people each day in the United States who are facing the same decisions you are. Having been in the logistics business for over 25 years, I do have a few tried and true suggestions which can get you on the right track and ease your mind considerably.”

Begin sorting through memories in order of priority. It’s relatively easy; highest priority objects are recognized by where they are in your home. The things that mean the most are in the living, kitchen, dining and master bedroom. When beginning the sorting process, always leave these rooms for last and begin sorting in areas such as the attic, garage, spare bedrooms or basement. Items which accumulate in these out-lying areas are typically less sentimental and valuable. By sorting these items first, it becomes easier to see the importance of the things which are closest to you.

My motto is, “When in doubt — throw it out.” This may seem harsh but the reality is that if you have a doubt about whether something has value or not, it usually doesn’t. Downsizing for a major lifestyle transition is a time consuming process. By prioritizing, you reach your end goal of having what you need, and not a lot of unnecessary “stuff” on move day.

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