Madisyn Goodman becomes youngest person to receive The Photo Managers certification

For over 15 years, the Goodman’s have been capturing and preserving moments in time. Dennis Goodman, photographer and founder of Dennis Goodman Photography and Printing, has earned accolades for his detailed and evocative nature photography. His wife, Kristen, helps clients with digital and printed photo organizing, photo restoration, video, slide, and negative conversion. Together, they weave stories, solidify legacies, and give back to the community and now, their daughter Madisyn has been added into the mix.

Madisyn has been on the sidelines learning from both parents for many years. Whether she was attending art shows with her dad or helping her mom with her business Clicking with Kristen, her love of photography and photo preservation has deep roots. As a result of her passion, Madisyn recently received her certification as a photo organizer and is now the youngest member of The Photo Managers. Madisyn is also the youngest person to receive this certification at the age of 19. She said she is ecstatic to continue her work with her parents and as a mom herself, show her daughter the importance of photos, memories, and hard work.

The Photo Managers is the world’s leading educational community in the rapidly growing field of photo management. Founded in 2009 as the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO), the name was updated in 2020 to better reflect the type of work the members provide clients. The Photo Managers serve Photo Management Professionals around the world, thousands of do-it-yourselfers, and legions of people who want to hire certified professionals to help manage their photos and family heirlooms. Photo managers help organize and curate collections, digitize prints, suggest backup systems, re-house archival storage, and help tell stories through photo book design, videos, websites, and countless other ways. Kristen has been a certified photo manager since 2012 and continues her education annually attending conferences and trainings as technology constantly changes. With Madisyn as part of the team at Clicking with Kristen, they will together pursue continual training to help clients with their memory preservation needs for years to come.

Madisyn attended Lorenzo Walker Technical High School to pursue Digital Media and Multimedia Design and upon graduation in 2022, she received her high school diploma, plus an associate degree from Florida Southwestern University, a Multimedia Technical Degree, and multiple Adobe Certifications. To her parents’ surprise after graduation, Madisyn declared she wanted to work with them and use the knowledge she gained to help their businesses grow. For the past three years, she has been a full-time employee helping Kristen preserve clients’ memories. She is very passionate about helping people leave a photo legacy and not a mess. This passion grew stronger over the past year after dealing with the loss of her grandfather who she had such a strong connection with; she said she wants to help people honor their family members the way her family was able to honor him.

For more information, visit the gallery at 941 4th Avenue North, Suite B, in Naples or visit their website

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  1. Nancy Pointer
    Nancy Pointer says:

    So proud to learn that Madisyn is joining her parents. I clicked with Kristin when her girls were young. Kristin is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, helpful, and confident. If Madisyn takes after her parents, she will do very well!


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