by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

It occurs to me as I sit down to write this article for the Life in Naples magazine that we have recently celebrated the 4th of July which honors the birth of our incrediblenation.

With that thought came the pride that I feel being an American and how lucky I am to live in this great nation. You see I take my citizenship seriously. So seriously in fact that I make sure that as many of our products are American made as possible.

Using American made products means, to us at Kitchens by Clay, we are choosing to support our fellow Americans and their endeavors. We procure our cabinetry from states all over the country, Minnesota, South Dakota, Florida, Tennessee, and Kansas to name but a few. I know that the quality of our products far exceeds that of products that I could easily buy from overseas suppliers. In America there are rules that apply for the construction and part components that ensure our safety from dangerous chemicals and inferior construction methods among other things. Simply put the United States has established safeguards for us which I’m afraid don’t exist inmost overseas plants.

We also know that at times it is not possible to purchase American made products. There is the sad fact that almost all decorative hardware(certainly the majority of it) comes from China and there isn’t a lot we can do about that. On the other hand there are times when we choose some out of country suppliers because of their ability to produce strong, safe and efficient products. For instance, our soft-close door hinges and soft-close drawer glides are made in Austria which is widely known to make some of the best hardware in the world, saving Kitchens by Clay from many warranty calls should we have used a lesser qualified supplier.

The last thought I would like to leave you with is that we at Kitchens by Clay truly believe we are helping our fellow American families by supporting American businesses. And we really feel good about that.

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Enjoy your remodel,

Clay Cox

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