Lucky Ducks

Firefighter Jerred Hoover.

We all need a bit of good news now and then and this heartwarming story fits the bill.

Recognition and kudos going out to Naples Fire-Rescue Tower Company 2 for their animal rescue in Venetian Bay. Firefighters Jerred Hoover, William Thornton and Lt. Steven Kofsky came to the aid of a family of ducks that were in distress.

A call was placed after 15 ducklings were found to be stuck near a seawall in Venetian Bay while the mother duck paced anxiously nearby. Upon arrival the First Responders were greeted by concerned citizens who had tried to no avail to aid the family by placing plywood on the rocks. They had hoped by giving the ducklings a ramp they could make their way out of the bay.

Firefighters Hoover and Thornton assessing the situation.

Assessing the situation Firefighter Hoover commandeered a kayak on the dock and, with the help of a net and bucket, successfully retrieved all 15 ducklings. The ducklings were then reunited with their mother and relocated across the street to a large pond.

Our community’s First Responders are wonderful and compassionate, looking out for lives big and small.

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