Looking Forward – From the Publisher, January 2016 – Reg Buxton

Reg BuxtonAs we begin the New Year we are both optimistic and cautious of what 2016 will bring. Our seasonal visitors have been arriving in impressive numbers to escape harsher weather in the North and our international visitors are enchanted with our climate, shopping, beaches, the Arts and our way of life in general.

The building boom is just that, a BOOM. Choose a corner, just any corner, and homes and businesses are popping up in what seems like record time. It’s easy to ask where did all of these people come from?

On a positive note we are well aware that the increase in the number of structures is good for other businesses as well. It produces a domino effect that impacts employment, furniture stores, decorators, landscaping, flooring contractors and on and on. Our local trades and craftsmen couldn’t be happier.

Moving to a larger arena, Florida is a Presidential Primary State and on March 15th the eyes of our nation will be looking at the important outcome. At a local level that same date also allows Naples to elect a Mayor and three City Council members. In the Fall of 2016 other significant elections will take place for County Commissioner seats in three districts, two School Board members, local State Representatives, our State Senator along with our Congressman.

First of all it is important to vote, but indeed be an informed voter as the choices made will affect all of us for years in some cases and permanently in other matters.

There are many topics to address, research and collectively determine priorities along with the direction we want our local and national governments to move. Locally what matters to you?
Managed growth? Tourism? Business development? Protecting our natural resources or our thirteen individual neighborhoods in the City? Perhaps all of those topics matter to you and if so get involved as decision that are made must protect the “Naples Brand.” Let’s do this together!

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