life in the facet lane…tales of TOURMALINE


What excites serious gemstone devotees is not so much adding more to their collection, but searching out the unknown, the rare and hard to find jewels. So quality trumps quantity every time in this sparkling pursuit.

There are new gemstone varieties found all the time of course. The earth has not yet yielded all its glory. So, you can be sure someone somewhere will unearth the next spectacular stone soon. And it won’t be long before its story is broadcast far and wide.


Novice gemstone lovers may have heard of or seen tourmaline gemstones set in fine jewelry from time to time. But one variety, Indicolite tourmaline is known mostly to the cognoscenti. Blue stones always find a place close to the heart of collectors, because there are not so many of them found naturally. With Indicolite, you have a wonderfully saturated blue stone that shows a bit of a green back-color, adding to its allure. It belongs to the rare group of pleochroic gemstones—which can show glints of two or even three distinct hues depending on how you turn the stone.


Brazil and Sri Lanka are one of the best sources for high quality indicolite. Russia and Madagascar supply fine indicolite too. Amazingly it can be found in lesser quantities in California or Maine.



18k Yellow Gold Sevilla Ring with 9.95 cts Indicolite Tourmaline; accented with Alexandrite and Diamonds. Courtesy: OMI Prive

Indicolite tourmaline with its blue-green tones reminds one of the Caribbean ocean, but not exactly. Its tints mirror that of some beautiful woman’s rare eye color, but not quite. In a word, Indicolite is beyond description, and that is one of its strengths that draw the jewelry fan to adore this natural wonder. Consider taking a personal look at a fine Indicolite tourmaline and see what all the buzz is about for yourself. OMI Privé is a luxury jewelry design company that hunts for just the top specimens of precious colored gemstones. What they place in their original jewelry is recognized to be the top of the top. Their Indicolite tourmaline ring is shown here for your enjoyment. But where can locals find similar caliber gemstones? May we suggest a trip to Naples own Bigham Jewelers? You already know them for a discerning taste . . . just like yours.

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