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Diamond lovers are an enthusiastic bunch. Now more than any other time in history, diamond collectors can indulge in an ever-expanding smorgasbord of varieties. There are fancy color diamonds in a rainbow of exciting hues. Don’t forget those treated diamonds, and even lab diamonds. Then there are diamonds in the rough–stones in their original crystal form. The more the merrier, we think. Buy what you like.

But at this moment, let’s put the loupe on a trending variety that’s gathering fans across the globe. We’re talking about salt and pepper diamonds. If you haven’t heard of them before, you’ll want to. For one thing they offer unlimited individuality and personality in spades.

Simply explained, salt and pepper diamonds are genuine earth mined stones with distinctive looks characterized by naturally occurring white and black inclusions. Because they are natural, no two are alike. And isn’t that what everyone wants in their diamond? While they have abundant or minimal beauty marks which define their category, they are still—like all earth mined stones, both rare and valuable.

1.18ctw salt and pepper  diamond  engagement ring; 14K yellow gold;  Courtesy Aurora Designer

Salt and pepper diamonds are finding favor with brides who want a blend of tradition with a modern vibe. But these stones are found in more than just bridal jewelry. They make stunning earrings and other jewelry items. Because these diamonds are so distinctive, they become a charming muse when paired with a classic setting. But these rebels-in-stone are also the perfect complement in an original designer mounting. They are pure win-win in the character department.

Nokomis, Florida based designer-owner of Aurora Designer, Jo Deng finds salt and pepper diamonds to be a very on-trend addition to her imagination collection of original jewelry. The fact that each stone has its own appeal adds an extra layer of spice to the pieces she creates.  Today’s collector wants jewelry conveying the personal expression of its wearer. We think you might consider spicing things up with a salt and pepper diamond that reflects your unique vibe.

Old as the saying is, we know that variety still is the spice of life!

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