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Jewelry fans are not so much fickle as they are influenced by the next big thing to occur in the world of diamonds and gemstones. There are of course new gemstone discoveries from time to
time that excite collectors. When such jewels are found to be rare, whether through one source only or their difficulty in recovery—a stampede for them ensues.

The most devoted gemstone purveyors really want the public to understand their stones and develop an appreciation for their intrinsic beauty over their high price perhaps or even their attraction to celebrated personalities.

Take another look at diamonds. Of course, they are some of the most popular and coveted jewels of all time. They are not recently discovered nor hard to access. But, they are being revisited by
designers and collectors alike for a very innovative recent turn.

A little back story on the diamond: It is the only gemstone composed of a single element—that being carbon. It is also known to be the hardest substance on earth. Only a diamond can scratch another diamond. This extreme hardness makes it suitable for industrial application like earth drilling tools—even dental drills. It is embedded in grit to polish . . . you guessed it—other diamonds.


Fancy yellow Rough Crystal Diamond Ring by Diamond in the Rough.  For many enthusiasts, the diamond even with all its unique properties has become too mundane of a jewel to excite modern collectors. For them the diamond lacked the excitement of the individual express as an adornment stone—until now. A trend picking up traction for some time is to place Diamonds exactly as they were recovered from the ground in important designer jewelry. The results are captivating and reveal some of the history of these ancient stones. The rough—or diamond crystal is mined in several shapes, and to some extent each configuration is distinct and beautiful in its own right. How many of us have actually seen a genuine diamond looking exactly like it did when recovered from the earth? Several high jewelry designers like Diamonds in the Rough offer these distinctive diamond jewels for a discriminating clientele who are resistant to ordinary diamond jewelry. They are a conversation starter and a silent testament to the tastes of its distinctive owner. Look for raw (or rough) diamond jewelry when you embark on a journey for expressive original adornment that conveys your individuality. These might just speak to you.

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