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Collectors adore discovering the imaginative artistry of jewelry designer’s original work. Where does their inspiration spring from? What exactly causes them to combine color, form, and utility together into one gemstone story?

The creative jewelry artist may find inspiration simply from the world around him or her. Spying the colorful dress of a child may prompt them to put together certain hues to enliven a piece. But the combination of materials and colors really make us take note, prompting, “I’ve never seen anything like that!” to a well-constructed piece of jewelry artistry.

Regional jewelry expert Mark Loren of his eponymous Mark Loren Designs in Fort Myers, FL has made a name for himself by consistently turning out creative jewelry that is imaginative and expertly crafted.

The Sum of its Parts

The ingenious piece he shows us prompts more explanation to fully appreciate what we’re looking at. Loren says, “It’s a one-of-a kind 14K gold hand-forged pendant showcasing a 10.50ct cushion Cabochon, Ethiopian “Smoked” Opal accented with a slice of Gibeon Meteorite and Diamonds.” Now we know.

Opal Like You’ve Never Seen

The piece is striking in its complexity and for the juxtaposition of incongruent gemstones. While jewelry fans know about opal, many of us have never heard of smoked Ethiopian opal. Most opal comes from Australia which accounts for 95% of its global output. But in the last few years, Ethiopia has become an important source of opal too. And to deepen its colors with richer tones, a treatment of smoking is applied. The result? Breathtaking as you can see here. Out a This World!

Striking—From Outer Space

The other remarkable item in this alluring pendant is Gibeon Meteorite. While it may be new to us, local Namibians have been using this ancient material for centuries. Extraterrestrial meteorites having fallen near Gibeon, Namibia in prehistoric times were strewn across fields in that part of Africa. Treasured for their unique appearance, they are an artist’s muse.

The next time an alluring piece of jewelry catches your eye, make sure you learn all you can about it to deepen your appreciation of its unique charm.

There’s always something new to learn when we dig a bit deeper.

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