life in the facet lane…. Leprechauns & Luscious Greens


18K white gold, oval
Colombian emerald pendant;
Courtesy Queen Emerald


Two tone gold and Colombian
emerald with diamond ring;
Courtesy Queen Emerald








It’s March, and you know what that means. We’re ready to wear green, and become Irish; at least for one day out of the year—St. Paddy’s. We couldn’t think of a more luscious tribute to the Emerald Isle than by wearing a gorgeous green emerald.

Dazzling Provenance
Emeralds have held pride of place with royal collectors for eons. Early mines in the Far East and Egypt kept aristocratic vaults loaded with the green baubles. Nowadays, the top producer of emerald is considered to be the Colombian variety. The famed Muzo mines are the pride of Colombia, producing a coveted straight green or slightly bluegreen transparent gemstone. Their superb quality and distinct hue make them the world’s most sought-after emerald variety.

Ask the Expert
Florida-based emerald expert, Jose Miguel Rodriguez, president of Queen Emerald, explains more about the traits of authentic Colombian emeralds. “The green color of a genuine natural emerald is so unique and distinctive that it’s very difficult to be duplicated in a laboratory,” Rodriguez says. That’s not only true because of its grass-green hue, he explains, but for the life that lies within each crystal. “We call that green fire; making them like no other gem.” The color green is a universal symbol of new life and rebirth—something that happens each spring. It is also complementary to our natural life that is ongoing in the coastal communities of Southwest Florida. So, we think emerald is a Naples woman’s must-have in her jewelry collection.

Why We Love Them
“Color gemstones are always fun, but emerald’s green is so intense, deep, and profound,” Rodriguez says, “that is what collectors and jewelry lovers see when they have a natural Colombian emerald in front of them.”

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