life in the facet lane gives us Wild West Sparklers


The romance of America’s early Wild West holds people spellbound even today. This was all new and unexplored territory for the settlers from our eastern seaboard and abroad. The strange terrain and even stranger wildlife were a wonder to early frontiersmen who risked all to push their way westward.

We still consider those early years to be some of the most storied collective memories that Americans cherish. But did you know that there are also homegrown gemstones found in our western regions? When we think of precious gems like ruby, sapphire and emerald, we imagine them coming from exotic locales around the world. We’d be right. But there are also precious colored stones found right here in Montana’s Big Sky country.

As more gemstone collectors seek out unusual stones to personalize their jewelry wardrobe, Montana sapphire
has been quietly gathering a loyal following off the radar.

 Finding Montana Sapphire 

The state of Montana, referred to as the Treasure State is rich in minerals and gemstones including two categories of sapphire identified by their region of discovery. Yogo Sapphire can be found in the state’s central district, while Fancy Montana Sapphire is recovered mostly in western Montana.

Recognizing Their Unique Hues

For innovative jewelry artists, Montana sapphire offers a real windfall for the creative process. These sapphire colors, besides the vibrant blue are a designer’s dream. Greens, yellows, greys, lavenders and everything in between
expand the range of designing opportunities for a creative mind.

Designer’s Dream

Exotic shades of Montana sapphires set in 18K gold form elegant pendant earrings;
Courtesy Diana Widman

Couture designer Diana Widman,, has had a love affair with these elegant stones for some time. “I first began working with Montana sapphires about ten years ago, before anyone really knew about them to any great extent,” she confides. “I came across the uncut, natural crystal rough and immediately fell in love with the palette of soft greens, teals, and purple,” she tells us.

And for eco-minded collectors, these sparklers can be a perfect fit. “Although there is sapphire mining in Montana,” Widman explains, “much of what I have had was found in dry, glacially-formed riverbeds, so I’ve always felt good about that.”

Serious collectors take pride in this beautiful stone being produced right here in the United States. But it wouldn’t be that popular if it didn’t dazzle us with its unexpected coloration and lively brilliance. “I’ve sold much of my Big Sky collection to people who appreciate rare stones,” Widman points out. As a key element to custom jewelry creation, Widman knows why Montana sapphires are finding a wide fan-base. “The soft colors in combination with yellow and green gold make these pieces beloved by all my      clients because they are surprisingly neutral.”

Have you been eager to expand your jewelry collection with unusual stones in rare colors? Try Montana and Yogo sapphires as an adventurous way to personalize your accessories wardrobe in colors that will start a conversation
and maybe incite an envious glance or two.

Wishing You a New Year Every Bit as Dazzling as You Are!


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