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Great style they say, is in the details. An idea taken to its natural completion makes one stop and look more intently. Florida-based designer, Alan K. Thau knows a thing or two about great style and details. Known for his unique gentlemen’s accessories, his repurposed stamps or watch movements and other collected items “gives me an opportunity to show my clientele how funky or original something you wear can be.”

The Unexpected Accessory
To make a point on how chic an unexpected item can be, you need to look no further than with his men’s accessories. In his collections you’ll find meteorites, fossils, vintage stamps, elegant watch movements, beautiful foreign coins, abalone shell and much more. Thau provides collectors an opportunity to rethink what is beautiful, and to not overlook unexpected items in fine jewelry.

Metallic Meteorite forged with Damascus steel, set in sterling; Courtesy Alan K. Thau

One area where his imagination takes flight is in the cufflink niche. Thau notes that men in most western cultures have few ways to tastefully showcase their individuality especially when it comes to formal wear. It’s time for change, Thau believes. “Cufflinks are a great way to show someone’s taste and personality. Unfortunately, some men like to dress as simply as possible.”

He points out that certain men will only wear cufflinks once in their life like when they dress up for a wedding or a similar formal event. So, if a gentleman has only one pair of cufflinks—they should express his personality and exhibit his own flair. But stylish doesn’t have to mean stuffy. Thau explains, “You can look special by wearing some cufflinks without a tie! When I go out in Cancun, I wear cufflinks with linen pants and a linen long sleeve guayabera shirt with French cuffs.”

Ladies Love Cufflinks

Iconic Marianne French stamp, circa 1959 set in sterling. One off; Courtesy Alan K. Thau

Women can wear his cufflinks too, he reminds. And why not? There are so many French cuff shirts just begging to be completed with the perfect cufflink. A properly selected cufflink adds a silent statement of power dressing to a lady’s outfit. We like that.

Style is a way to say who you are without uttering a word

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FEATURED IMAGE: Turquoise Mosaic set in sterling combines many elements like copper and shells; No two alike; Courtesy Alan K. Thau

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