life in the facet lane Do you know About the Tiffany Stone?


Most jewelry collectors have a short list at the ready when it comes to hunting down their next favorite piece. We’ll hazard a guess by saying that beauty and uniqueness probably top that list. In case you’ve run out of new ideas for what to collect next we’ve got something rare that may
inspire you.

Never Heard of Tiffany Stone?
Have you ever heard of Bertrandite? No? Well, then, what about Tiffany Stone? It has nothing to do with the snazzy jewelry brand.

14K and sterling Tiffany Stone pendant;
Courtesy Wayne Summerlin.

But it does have everything to do with a gorgeous collectible gemstone that is hard to forget—simply because you’ll never see anything similar in other colored stones.

One Source Wonder
While bertrandite is the proper gemological term for the material, it has been trademarked under the moniker Tiffany Stone. You’re not likely to find this in your local mall, or even a fancy department store. It’s a true collector’s stone—and it can only be found in one distinct locale the world over. The Brush Wellman mines in Spor Mountain, situated in western Utah seems to have the entire world’s stash, and we’re very glad it was found.

Variety and Color is its Hallmark

Sterling handcrafted Tiffany Stone ring;
Courtesy Wayne Summerlin.

The stone is characterized by its striking purple, blue, and creamy white coloration—making every cut piece a true one-of-a-kind. So where can one find this mesmerizing stone to make it part of your own collection? Well, you’ll just have to get to know a true gemstone connoisseur like Wayne Summerlin.

Florida-based designer Summerlin, owner of Valley River Silversmiths says, “I love making jewelry with Bertrandite or Tiffany Stone, as it is commonly referred to.” For Summerlin, it’s the unexpected variety found in the rough that is so appealing to him. “The rough material often has varying shades of purples, creams, yellows and black within the same piece. It’s also well suited for jewelry with a 6-7 Mohs scale hardness,” he points out.

Designer’s Muse
Since every cut and polished stone has its own personality, this uptown purple gem is a perfect fit for collectors who only acquire the hard- to-find. Over the years, Summerlin’s customers have come to expect exotic stones from him. “I like to offer my clients unique and unusual stones in my collections, and Tiffany Stone has been one they seem to like.”

What better time could there be than right now to give your jewelry wardrobe a serious update? You may want to cull out those pieces you haven’t worn forever, and fine tune your collection with items that speak to your distinct personality and cultivated taste- Tiffany stones, anyone?

Let your accessories reflect the unique vibrancy that is YOU!

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