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This month’s featured piece gives new meaning to the phrase “eye candy.” The expertly crafted cuff bracelet flaunts the skill of seasoned jewelers who know just how to put a glamorous cuff together. While we’re on the subject of cuffs, let’s take a backward glance at their genesis.

A Storied Past
Long before Wonder Woman rocked twin cuffs as an energetic statement, these impressive accessories brought an aura of power to its wearer, whether that be man or woman. Turns out, cuffs have a long and storied history harkening back some 7,000 years ago. Besides the Egyptians (hey King Tut!), the Mayans, Incan, Greeks and even Chinese all had a version of the cuff bracelet. As you can imagine, in most instances, this item was seminal to royal attire in each of the cultures we’ve mentioned.

These ancient bracelets with their culture’s iconic designs and motifs were a way to measure class and were a tool to denote rank within an important family. Some cuffs were worn on the upper arm—and when rulers wanted to make a drop-dead entrance, double cuffs were de rigueur.

Modern Vibe—Classic Artistry
We think that no lady should be without at least one cuff in her jewelry wardrobe. These potent items of adornment make a bold yet feminine statement without the wearer ever uttering a word. Modern cuffs are created in myriad precious metals with just about any precious stone you can imagine.

One look at Italian high jeweler Picchiotti’s Ceramic Cuff and you’ll fall in love with these dramatic bracelets that deliver a decidedly modern vibe. Timeless and sculptural, Picchiotti’s one of a kind wearable art lifts its owner into a realm of her own. Mixing precious metal, colored gemstones and sleek ceramic, the result is arm-envy.

Within Reach
Here in Naples, one can experience even more elegant offerings from Picchiotti at Bigham Jewelers. Enjoy some time at Bigham’s examining the Ceramic Cuff and other striking pieces from this iconic Italian designer. You’ll quickly discover what sets them apart

FEATURED PHOTO: Gem Ceramics one-of-a-kind Cuff; Courtesy of Picchiotti

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