Life in the Facet Lane by DIANA JARRETT, GG RMV


While many of us call Naples our home year round, several of our closest friends have made this beautiful city their 2nd or even 3rd home. We love them all and this is the season when these exotic creatures called snowbirds flock back to our idyllic shores. Absence does make the heart grow fonder we’ve discovered. We can’t wait to learn what our friends from ‘up north’ have been up to, or wherever their primary residence is. We simply want to catch up on their other life before we embark on this year’s dazzling social season.

Naples is a pulsating hub for fascinating personalities from around the globe and here in the United States. The most interesting people are drawn here by our luxe

18K gold over sterling cuff by Lisi Fracchia

beaches, relaxed lifestyle, and vibrant social scene. Starting with Thanksgiving we have so much to be thankful for—then on to Christmas where our hearts are warmed through gift-giving, and New Year’s Eve—that much anticipated sparkling event.


18K gold over sterling cuff by Lisi Fracchia

So can we cherish more than one ‘home’ and treasure each place for its unique qualities? One designer we know thinks so. Internationally acclaimed jewelry designer Lisi Fracchia ( has created an exciting jewelry piece reflecting this theory beautifully. Currently based in Madrid, Lisi says, “I have lived in several countries, but Argentina will always be my home… the source of my identity. This piece was inspired by the desire to keep a piece of my birthplace with me, wherever I may be.”

So it’s no wonder she’s created a marvelous cuff bracelet which boasts the wearer’s home base. The shimmering 18K gold over sterling cuff is custom-made in the shape of the wearer’s own country— wherever that may be. It can be further personalized with gemstone accents placed anywhere. And the jewel? Well that’s the customer’s choice—it can be anything that’s meaningful to the owner.

Lisi explains, “This piece resonates with global citizens and proud patriots alike. It can also be personalized to highlight special places in your life, such as where your children were born. One can mark locations with diamonds, your children’s birthstones, or anything you want.”

So here are our open arms, welcoming back those we love and share these sunny shores with. Good to have you back, friends —not a minute too soon!


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