life in the facet lane by Diana Jarrett GG RMV

What? and Where?

Blue Sapphire and diamond Cosmos pendant. Credit Mary Van der Aa.

When collectors get serious about the gems in their jewelry wardrobe, they begin to look at the source of their favorite stones. Did you know that the origin of many gemstones can sometimes be revealed in something unique to their physical appearance?

That’s because gemstones are a natural mineral of some kind. And it requires certain geological conditions for it to develop.

Take sapphire, for instance. We’d all love to take sapphire wouldn’t we? This stone is a good example of where its origin can have an impact on the jewel’s appearance.

Multi-award winning designer Mary Van der Aa ( is very particular about the stones she selects for her collections. Besides the imaginative designs she creates, she makes sure the gemstones tell the story she wants to convey. So each stone is curated for its exceptional qualities to be best-of-breed.

What’s so Special?
The sapphire is an ancient stone and a relatively rare one at that. The gem is a very durable material— next only to diamond in its hardness. That assures it of being a tough stone that will take a superb polish and look sparkling new for years to come. Despite being found in various global sites; the cognoscenti often seek out Sri Lankan goods.

Where to Find it
When it comes to sapphire, Van der Aa explains, “Sapphires can be found in many locations throughout the world, but many times it is found with lots of rutile [other mineral needles] inside that can cause a “haziness” in the stone. I prefer Sri Lankan material because it consistently provides the cleanest and most vibrant colors of sapphires. It’s our favorite material to work with.”

As she sees it, there is so much that goes into telling the story of a coveted stone. It all works together—the design, and its execution, plus the careful selection of gemstones worthy of such effort. It’s clear her love affair with sapphire is very well thought out. We have special traits known only to those close to us—let your unique personality sparkle!

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