life in the facet lane… Are you ready for a Sweet Inspiration? by Diana Jarrett

Locals here in Naples need little prodding to divulge what inspires our lifestyle. Surrounded by nature at every turn, we draw inspiration from the water that hugs our shorelines. And there is something sweet about returning to nature rather than to the glamour all around us when we seek refreshment.

Innovative jewelry designers also look to natural surroundings to beckon their creativity. Sometimes a stone itself will spike a jeweler’s imagination and then their artistry takes flight.

Water Works Wonders
A perfect example of this sweet inspiration can be found in Gübelin Jewellery’s ( newest Haute Joaillerie creation. A heart stopping sapphire glistens as the centerpiece of their sculptural ring. Surrounding this solitaire is a sweeping coterie of sapphires, tourmalines, and diamonds in a sophisticated mixture of cuts. Gübelin Jewellery explains, “The cocktail ring is characterized by its sculptural design and its fluid language of form. The curving elements lend Blue Lagoon dynamics, drama and liveliness. Artfully set with pear-shape and round sapphires as well as round, marquise, and pear-shape diamonds, they flow around the central stone, generating an almost magical eddy, drawing connoisseurs into its depths.” It’s no coincidence that the fluid lines of jewels surrounding the central stone are reminiscent of the undulating waves so gracefully caressing the shoreline. We can become equally mesmerized when taking a calm morning stroll along the Gulf here in Naples.

Top Caliber Sapphire
Collectors will be keen to learn that the hero of this dazzling ring is not just any sapphire. It is a 10.65 ct Burmese sapphire (imported prior to 2021) which is considered the world over to be a connoisseur’s jewel. “Burmese sapphires are highly treasured, rare, and known for their deep, rich shades of blue,” Gübelin points out.

So, whether you will be the next guardian of this stunner or are simply drawing inspiration for yourself as you collect meaningful pieces, allow your own jewels to reflect the joy of being connected to nature, and having gratitude for being so immersed in it, right here in Naples.

Our true wealth is tied to having gratitude for what life brings our way, everyday!



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