Ever heard “Knowledge is power?” Knowing your trade as an expert is powerful and ensures successfulknowledge results. We are strong believers of this; so strong that we ask our clients about our knowledge on our surveys. In other words did they feel confident with us; that they were in good hands with the proper guidance? In everything that we do we want our clients to be comfortable and secure with our processes, decisions and expertise. We are fully aware that our clients are constantly in a decision making mode. The options and choices are endless. We are prepared to partner with them and offer our professional knowledge so they can rest assured that we are the contractor they want to work with and the decisions made are based on experience.

But how do you recognize that “knowledgeable” contractor? What are the right questions to ask? How will your expectations be met? Our advice is to be as up front as possible with your expectations and spend time to get to know your contractor. Be prepared to have a two sided conversation at the level that covers the project from start to finish. Have you been through the remodel process before or is it all new? First time with new construction? Let the contractor know how knowledgeable you are. This will help them in their communication. Ask them about their time in the industry. Especially with remodels no one has a crystal ball (what’s behind those walls?) but a knowledgeable contractor will have the experience to have a very good understanding.

So ask yourself as you are shopping around if the person you are talking to is educating you. Throughout the conversations is their knowledge level made clear? Are they willing to outline their company policies as to the how and when they accomplish their work before you sign a contract? There is so much more to a cabinet contract then the cabinets; the knowledge of design and implementation is how to have a successful outcome!

We at Kitchens by Clay wish you a happy and prosperous 2014 and express our gratitude to the Naples community for another fabulous year!

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