Kitchens Communication Part 2 of 6

Kichen-by-ClayWe have found that a majority of our clients come to us as a first timer; not knowing what to expect or where to start in the renovation process. Initially their goal is to be provided with guidance. For us this is where the communication begins, but what should a contractor do next? Is it about touring the showroom;  opening and closing doors and drawers while telling you all about the features available or inviting you, the client, to sit and talk about who you are and what you are looking for?

To us the latter is more important. There will be plenty of time for the design aspect but having knowledge about the client; knowing the history of their past projects and their needs and desires sets a great foundation to work from.

Equally important is listening. This works wonders. Listening more than talking can create an outcome where some very important items will not be overlooked or misinterpreted. Fully listening will remove assumptions and judgments of how the project should be. Listening also shows respect and understanding that there are multiple participants in the event and everyone’s thoughts, ideas and opinions are important.

A kitchen remodel is a definitive process. Because of years of experience and an established schedule program we have concluded that a kitchen renovation can be a great experience with a happy outcome every time. However, a client may have a different view due to it being a first time process or (hopefully not) a previous experience that didn’t go the way they planned. It is our job to communicate to the client how this will work in a manner they can understand; putting ourselves in their shoes helps.

kitchenAt times there may be gaps in the process while waiting for products to be received. Consistent contact during this time is extremely important and also an opportunity to connect and reassure that all is going well and the ever important schedule is being followed. Conversation and listening is the key to a successful project.

So if you are ready to talk about your project we are here to listen.

Please stop in! Clay Cox

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Part 2 of 6


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