Judith and Marvin Herb Family Simulation Center Moves into its Permanent Home at NCH Baker Hospital

The Judith and Marvin Herb Family Simulation Center at NCH is moving into its new permanent home on the campus of the Baker Hospital in downtown Naples. The state-of-the-art facility has been years in the making and provides healthcare and emergency service professionals with a safe and realistic environment to practice and perfect their skills.

The Herb Family Simulation Center was made possible by a $5 million lead gift from community philanthropists Judith and Marvin Herb and opened in its temporary space in the spring of 2021. Since then, others have followed the Herbs lead in supporting this advanced resource for our community, like the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation who contributed a $1million challenge grant for the center. All gifts received support the education of the healthcare workers of tomorrow while keeping current staff updated on the latest procedures through experiential learning. While only 15% of information is retained through traditional classroom teaching, 90% is retained through experiential learning.

The simulation center is designed to replicate real-life scenarios in a controlled environment to train medical residents and fellows – the next generation of physicians in our community. In the healthcare industry, this means simulating medical emergencies, surgeries, and other procedures to train healthcare professionals to handle unexpected situations. Simulation centers utilize advanced technology, including life-like mannequins that simulate human physiology, to provide an immersive learning experience that also includes complexities and distractions that are present in the real clinical setting.

At the Judith and Marvin Herb Family Simulation Center, two or three learners participate in an exact mock-up of an ICU room, an emergency room, or a hospital room with either a high-definition mannequin or standardized patient. The mannequins can simulate coughing, talking, crying, and even track students with their eyes. Learners are immersed in the scenario while others watch them perform. Educators sit behind one-way frosted glass and manipulate the mannequins to direct the experience. After the 10 to 20-minute session, the learners debrief, and the class discusses the experience with the educator.

The new permanent home for the Judith and Marvin Herb Family Simulation Center boasts 12,000 square feet of space, including simulation rooms, classrooms, and debriefing areas. The facility will offer training to all members of the healthcare team, including physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals, as well as emergency service personnel like police officers and paramedics. The simulation center and its technology is available as a resource for training purposes by private medical practices, local schools, universities, and others in our community as well.

“We are thrilled to move into our new home and provide the highest quality education and training to our healthcare and emergency professionals,” said Dr. Douglas Harrington, the Penny and Bill Allyn Endowed Chair in Simulation and Medical Director of the Judith and Marvin Herb Family Simulation Center. “The new space allows us to expand our capabilities and offer even more realistic simulations to prepare our staff and front-line emergency workers in our community for any situation they may encounter.”

About NCH
NCH is a not-for-profit, multi-facility healthcare system headquartered in Naples, Florida, and is a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. The System is more than just two hospitals (referred to as the NCH Baker Hospital and NCH North Naples Hospital) with a total of 713 beds. NCH is an alliance of 775 physicians and medical facilities in dozens of locations throughout Collier County and southwest Florida that offers nationally recognized, quality health care to our community. Our mission is to help everyone live a longer, happier, healthier life. For more information, visit www.NCHmd.org.

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