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Jewelry lovers and designers are always on task to acquire the best of the best when it comes to gemstones. Beauty is paramount of course. But rarity is a legitimate big draw too. Thoughtful  collectors aren’t going so much for volume but rather for special pieces when building their jewelry wardrobe.

One of the most appealing stones we’ve examined in a long while is both beautiful and rare. It’s Larimar, and is what the gem trade refers to as a one-source gemstone. The species of this splendid stone is called pectolite. And it’s found around the globe. But a single variety of pectolite appears in this winsome sky blue. It is found in the Dominican Republic—and that’s it.

So, the stone has a single source of recovery and because of that is in limited supply. The natural opaque material also shows attractive round patterns which draws imaginative designers like Helen Serras-Herman to the stone. Her viewpoint is always to work with the natural growth patterns so they become organic to her finished piece.

Larimar Beauty in 18K yellow gold with aqua, sapphire and sunstone; Courtesy ofHelen Serras-Herman Gem Art Center.

“While carving Larimar, my favorite pieces to start with are slabs that show the entire concentric growth pattern of Larimar.,” she explains. It’s the naturally occurring variations that Serras-Herman believes adds to its appeal. “The varying shades of blue and white within the material offer unlimited design options when setting them into jewelry.” To  complement this rare featured stone, she carefully selects transparent jewels that accent the piece and lend harmony to the entire work.

For artists like Serras-Herman, the finished work becomes an ensemble effort whereby the natural allure of the main stone informs the creative process. The original Larimar piece featured here is named Larimar  Beauty by the artist Serras-Herman, and is a combination pendant  brooch which offers more options for the wearer. Larimar hails from the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic; and interestingly mirrors the clear fresh azure seas  surrounding the region.

It’s natural that the Naples woman is drawn to the diaphanous tones of Larimar. This rare stone finds its place in the special lifestyle that we celebrate so stunningly.

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