It’s Story Time with life in the facet lane


Who doesn’t love a good story? Sometimes we will learn something new, or clarify a conundrum, or simply be amused. Good story telling strikes a chord in all of us, and enhances our own personal tale.

Today, imaginative jewelry artists have pushed past simply creating jewelry studded with gemstones. While there’s nothing wrong with that, we love witnessing those thoughtful designers who step into another realm with their workmanship—that of storytelling.

We’re seeing more and more message jewelry now for a very good reason. If we harken back to just a few decades back, opulent over-consumption was the norm. We’re thinking the Dallas and Dynasty days of the mid-80s. But today, jewelry collectors are going down a different road and they encourage thoughtful jewelry collecting that resonates with the wearer.

Let’s take a look at jewelry flaunting many components—the polisher’s expertise, their choice of metal combinations and gemstones, plus the unique way they’re combined that results in a charming story. Our featured pendant this month is found in Galatea’s Museum Collection, and fittingly named Drop of Nectar. Galatea’s founder, Chi Huynh is lauded for his use of carved pearls, something few in the jewelry trade can master.

Successful pearl carving adds a hypnotic touch to any fine jewelry item. He draws inspiration from nature—and quite possibly the beautiful land of his birth, Vietnam. For Huynh, fine jewelry creation was a family affair starting with his talented jeweler father in his homeland.

Drop of Nectar pendant; Tahitian black pearl, ruby, pink tourmaline and citrine drop; Courtesy

The Drop of Nectar pendant showcases an exotic Tahitian pearl, known for its exquisite luster and depth of color which gets a treatment of luscious miniature gemstone ‘seeds’. Huynh also adds life-giving nectar interpreted in another gem within the imaginary fruit. All this is exquisitely finished by a sprig of leaves and a delicate blossom.

The artist shares a glimpse into the inspiration behind his extraordinary story-telling jewel. “The secret of life is in the seeds, Huynh claims. “One cannot grow an orange tree and expect to get an apple,” he points out, “even if you change the soil or the weather.” But then Huynh invites us, “So look deep inside and be completely honest to your own nature for this is the seed within you, and be it.”

A little introspection is good for all of us he believes. “The moment you’ve discovered your seeds then the sweetness of life will drip like a drop of nectar.” Let your own life be sweet and complex so that others can enjoy your story too!

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