IPS Home Safety Tips 2021

As the advent of warmer weather is upon us, so opens up the increase in residential and commercial burglary. We often do things that make it quite easy for the burglar/thief to invite themselves in.

For example, leaving windows, French doors, balconies, boating doors and/or hatches open for fresh air and forgetting we have opened them, is then quite inviting for the burglar/thief looking to get into your home. Same goes for our house and garage doors being opened. We must make sure to close and lock all windows and doors. Open windows and doors make it very easy for the burglar/thief to gain entry into your home.

Yard tools, gardening tools, lawn mowers, leaf blowers and even bicycles, get left behind for “only a moment’, and are easy targets for thieves just waiting for you to forget you have left them behind. Even if you are leaving for a quick trip to pick something up – please make sure to lock up all your landscaping tools in your shed or garages before you leave.

Do not forget, if we leave things in our opened garage or in the front lawn, for “just a moment”, the professional, seasoned, and even unseasoned, thief can quickly have your personal property lifted and taken away in seconds.

This is where hiring IPS, the premier private security force, would be your best bet against unwanted summer and year-round burglars/thieves. Having the presence of an armed security officer not only keeps you, your family, your home, your business, your properties protected and safe, but is a huge deterrent for would-be thieves, intruders and vandals.

IPS armed security officers serve best to supplement the efforts of law enforcement officers to preserve law and order.

Aaron T. Jones & IPS want to wish everyone a very SAFE and FUN August, September and October of 2021!

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