How Do You Get Your Back On Track?

New yearMany people suffer from back pain but what is the exact cause of the pain? Some sustain injuries from accidents while others actually have wear and tear of the spine from microtraumas that occur from abnormal biomechanical alignment or excess pressures on the joints and discs which overtime causes degeneration, arthritis, disc problems and eventual spinal stenosis. I have often wished that we had a second chance on a new back like we have a second set of teeth but unfortunately this does not happen. Thus, we only get one back so learn how to take care of your back. Use proper body mechanics while performing activities and strengthen the body overall to lessen the loads on the spine. The back may sustain an injury from many things. Through life, injuries can occur from poor body mechanics while performing activities, abnormal muscle imbalance in the back, abdominal, and hip muscles causing abnormal wear and tear and eventual breakdown.

Being born in a fetal position, the back extensors are vulnerable to weakness from the beginning. As a baby starts to stand upright, note the sway back in the spine. Naturally there is also abdominal weakness. Muscles have to overcome just gravity alone. These muscles develop and try to balance the body but many times these muscles do not get developed properly and then the daily activities start to cause problems even at a young age.

It is common that over years one develops arthritis and disc issues from degenerative processes. So the discs can weaken, the joints can breakdown and these issues can lead to spinal stenosis, a condition that lessens the diameter where either the spinal cord or the nerve roots are and this will limit pain free motion.

Depending upon the problems in your spine, different exercises are done to help alleviate problems. First, it is pertinent to try and start with a balanced body where you provide the support to your trunk and hips and stabilize the spine while performing activities. Second, educate yourself on proper body mechanics while performing activities and understand the forces on your spine in sitting, standing, walking, and even when participating in sporting activities. Learn to perform while understanding just how to use your back and legs to your advantage. This will allow you to be very active while lessening the abnormal wear and tear on your body.

Most people by middle age have all experienced some back pain or stiffness. No matter of age, learn to care of your back and understand which exercises are appropriate for you so that you can continue to participate in activities that make you happy.

Abnormalities and asymmetries can lead one to seek help. Back problems can ensue early and you will have to combat these symptoms periodically throughout your life.

If you already have experienced back pain, knowing what exercises to do it important. Many think stretching is the right thing while others believe it is strengthening. Yet others feel that they cannot exercise and they give up what they love because of the pain. Actually, most problems are controllable but choosing the right exercises and daily routines must be followed.

Having a good balance of motion and core strengthening is a good place to be. Should one do stretching or strengthening or both? The answer is dependent upon your current condition of your spine. Some issues avoid extension while others need to avoid flexion. Finding the right positioning for your spine to work in is key to avoid further spinal breakdown. No two backs are the same.

There are many experts in the Naples area that can help you figure out the condition of your spine inclusive of the mobility and strength that you have. Once you know this then following a regime of a specifically designed program for you can allow you to be more body aware so that you will not have to live with a lot of limitations and pain.

Backs as well as necks have to be treated with care and it seems that we abuse these areas on a daily basis. Take responsibility for your back. Help it last your lifetime so that your quality will remain high.

In future months I will discuss one spinal issue at a time and discuss what you can do to try to help yourself. If you have issues that need to be addressed sooner, call Fitness Together in downtown Naples 239.263.9348 for further information.

To Your Health!

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