Home Remodeling Advice After a Natural Disaster

The KGT Remodeling team has been working hard to get out information to help assist those who were impacted by the recent hurricane.

There are hundreds of reputable contractors and service providers in Southwest Florida; we want to help homeowners learn how to ask the right questions and hire the best.

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tornados and even heavy rains can cause major damage to our most expensive and dearest possession – our home.

Many times our immediate reflex is to rush to find a company or person to help us with our recovery efforts and this may lead to even more problems. Whether a roof, lanai, drywall, windows or landscaping, hiring a certified and licensed professional is of the utmost importance.

We’ve heard too many stories about scams and unfinished or incorrectly completed projects. We wanted to use this month’s article to share some important information about hiring the most qualified tradesmen. The following information can also be found on the Collier County Government website.

Homeowners should make sure they hire a reputable, licensed contractor and are urged to hire the correct type of contractor specific to the type of work that they wish to have performed.

Licenses for work are specific, for example tile roofs require one type of license while shingle roofs require another. Residents are encouraged to contact Collier County Contractor Licensing at(239) 252-2431 or visit www.colliergov.net before hiring a contractor to verify the company’s credentials.

It’s important to note that roof repairs may only be performed by a licensed roofing contractor. Any companies wishing to perform debris and tree removal services or basic landscape maintenance, are required to have a Collier County Occupational License.

Under Florida Statute, unlicensed persons who perform work during a declared State of Emergency are committing a third degree felony. Anyone having questions or wanting to report unlicensed activity should contact Collier County Contractor Licensing at 239.252.2431.

The KGT Remodeling Team is here to help. If you need assistance or a referral source for home repair services, please contact us. We have an accredited list of highly qualified professionals serving Southwest Florida.

Remember to ask questions about qualifications, licenses and experience. Look at the Collier County website and look for Google reviews. Hiring the best takes research, ask for referrals.

We’re here to help. Please give us a call at 239.992.2300 for your next remodeling project – entire home, bathrooms, kitchen or outdoor living space; we can make your dream home a reality.

KGT Remodeling is licensed, insured and an award winning remodeling company!

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