Holistic Ways To Instantly Energize This November by Svetlana Kogan, M.D.

As we transition into Autumn, we commonly experience sleepy mornings and late-afternoon slumps. Here are some holistic tips I often share with my patients when their batteries are running low:

Eggs Rock:
I recommend eating two organic eggs for breakfast, 2-3 times a week if you have a perfect cholesterol and once a week if you have elevated cholesterol. According to biochemical studies on egg benefits, having an egg or two in the morning helps people feel 75% more energized and alert until lunch. This is because eggs stabilize blood sugar, preventing the ups and downs which often trigger fatigue.

Honey Is Awesome:
Instead of using sugar as a sweetener, go for a teaspoon of honey. Biochemical substances kaempferol and myricetin in honey boost the brain’s absorption of energizing glucose for 90 minutes straight. If you pair that with a cup of coffee or caffeinated tea – you will feel even more energized because caffeine improves the ability of muscles to convert glucose into energy. Needless to say, I am fond of local organic honey farms, whose products are available at farmer markets, Whole Foods, Food & Thought, and other local health food stores.

Juice It Up:
If you are taking a multivitamin – I recommend taking it with grapefruit juice or cranberry juice for better absorption. Cornell University researchers discovered that you will absorb 33% more of the energizing minerals in a multi if you take it with something more acidic than plain water. Please note that this does not pertain to your prescription medications, which are actually formulated to be absorbed better with regular water, rather than juice.

Smell That Flower:
When you are choosing a body lotion to apply in the morning, go for something with a flowery smell. Scientists observed that floral aroma boosts the brain’s production of beta waves. Beta waves are electrical impulses that rev energy levels by 17%. The results are short lived so feel free to reapply as a fragrance or a perfume in the afternoon for that additional perky beta wave.

Share The Joy:
We are wired to enjoy gifting others with something that makes us happy. An example would be forwarding a funny video to a friend. Squeezing a minute of laughter into your day can significantly cut down on tiredness, as laughter improves insulin sensitivity, helping brain and muscle cells to soak up energy lifting blood sugar. This biochemical effect is augmented by the additional dopamine released when we are gifting someone with something we like.

Nuts For You:
Lastly, I recently went to a lecture by a renowned neuroscientist Dr. Daniel Amen and he recommended a nifty holistic tip I would like to share with you here. He said that grazing on nuts before lunch will boost your energy. This happens because introducing plant fat in the midmorning (for example as little as ¼ cup of nuts of your choice daily) helps to wake up the prefrontal cortex, a brain region that banishes fogginess and helps you think clearly. I always recommended carrying a little trail mix snack to my patients and it felt good to understand how this type of snack benefits you from the neuroscience standpoint. Hope you all have a safe and healthy Autumn!

Dr.Kogan is a Concierge Holistic Internal Medicine Doctor

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