Helping Mike and Sean Treiser Bike & Build for Affordable Housing 2017

I want to make a donation!

Please visit our user-friendly, certified secure fundraising page here. We are so grateful for your support – the scale and scope of impact we will make depend on having the financial resources to do so.

What will I receive for my donation?

To show our gratitude, those who donate at the following levels will receive:

  • Any donation – Invitations to our kick-off events in DC and Florida, and wrap-up celebration in California (Travel, accommodations, and incidentals not included, sorry!) and an invitation to train with us before our big ride
  • $50 to $99 – Swag to commemorate your support and an embarrassing picture of us on our ride
  • $100 to $249 – Postcard from one state along our route and a hand-done work of art by one of the brothers (Remember, beauty is in the eye of the creator!)
  • $250 to $499 – Postcards from each state along our route and a homemade baked good prior to our ride
  • $500 to $999 – Care package from a state of your choosing along our ride and a long-form love letter from the brother of your choice
  • $1,000 and over – Four (4) hours of professional DJ service for your next event by DJ Stryzer (mutually agreeable details to be determined) and long-form love letters from both brothers
    What if I have questions or comments?

We would love to hear from you, both now and on the road! Please share your questions, thoughts, and input with us at any time:

  • By email at and
  • By phone or text at (239) 297-9078 for Mike and (239) 297-9081 for Sean
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