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My wife and I were sitting in our kitchen last night and couldn’t help but talk about a kitchen renovation one more time.

As we looked at our no character lackluster grey flat panel doors we started to imagine what new color and style would do for us. We talked about the two doors with the broken hinges, the drawer that you have to hold up when you open it so it won’t fall to the floor and the sink cabinet damage from the drip we had two years ago. After that we were on to our tired solid surface tops and appliances that no longer worked quite the way they are supposed to. Then we began to discuss what we would love to do. We talked of a crisp white kitchen that we knew would brighten up our days beginning with our morning coffee.

We know now that the new cabinets for our kitchen would come with soft-close drawers and doors so no more slamming for me. It would be great to have the shelves rollout to us or better yet lots and lots of drawers.

My wife and I love to cook so we talked about having our spices integrated into the cabinetry so all is easily accessible.

A must have would be a waste/recycle system built right into the cabinets so we can get rid of that big ugly waste basket. Yes we’ve been looking around a bit and these are some of the things we’ve seen and love. And the best part is the added value it will bring to our home.

Add to that the induction cooktop that we’ve been dreaming of ever since gas was not available to us here at our condo. Double ovens and a refrigerator that all but disappears into the cabinetry is a dream come true. New granite or that quartz we’ve been hearing so much about lately was agreed upon by both of us as a perfect working surface as well as being beautiful to the eye. How about those hand hammered copper farm sinks we saw at the Kitchens by Clay showroom. I’m sure we will add much more once we make our appointment with Clay or one of his designers and begin.

Sound familiar? Call us. We can help.

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Enjoy your remodel,

Clay Cox

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