Golden Paws Assistance Dogs Celebrates 10th Anniversay

by Sue Huff

The charitable organization that was founded on the principles of integrity, honor, courage, and the commitment to serve others is turning 10 years old.

Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that promotes independence for combat wounded Veterans and children with life-changing disabilities through partnerships with skilled assistance dogs – Golden PAWS dogs are always placed at no cost to those they serve.

Besides providing dogs to those in need, Golden PAWS provides educational and community outreach through therapy and ambassador dog programs such as a children’s literacy and education projects, crisis teams, and a special operations and recovery program.

What began with only a few employees and a handful of volunteers has now grown to 14 employees and 47 volunteers.

Golden PAWS is a respected and sustainable organization that creates a meaningful impact for service dog recipients while making lasting contributions to the community and those served.

“As I reflect on the past 10 plus years, I’m reminded of the countless lives we have changed,” says Jeannie C. Bates, Founder and CEO of Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs. “The sheer number of disabled American Veterans and children that live a life of gratitude and fulfillment because of our donors and volunteers is simply amazing to me. I am just so grateful.”

Soon, Golden PAWS will place their 100th assistance dog and to make the year even more amazing will be the completion of the organization’s newly renovated facility on Pine Ridge Road.

In honor of their gifts, the Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs Campus is named the Ken & Susan Meyer Center for Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs.

Also making the purchase of the property possible by leadership gifts were Tim and Sharon Ubben.

Generous gifts from the community along with a $1 million matching pledge from Patty and Jay Baker, have enabled the construction project to move quickly to completion. Additional gifts will ensure that Golden PAWS moves into the facility debt free.

Ten years is a milestone to celebrate but there is still much more to be done — puppies to beloved and trained, Veterans and children to be served, and lives to be changed.

“With our team of dedicated volunteers and donors, I know we are going to impact the lives of those who need us most.”

To learn how you can support Golden PAWS Assistance Dogs’ mission or for more information about the organization, please visit or call 239-775-1660.

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