From The Publisher – March 2016 – The Naples Brand

Reg BuxtonLet’s talk about our favorite subject, NAPLES. We refer so often to the “Naples Brand,” but what exactly is our brand and uniqueness? It may mean different things to different people but there is a common thread among all of us. This includes our sandy beaches, our clear waters, the safety of our community and our laid back lifestyle.

Naples has an international flavor during season, which increases our overall appeal. We are sophisticated, generous with time, talent and treasure. We have thirteen distinct neighborhoods and all residents are fiercely proud of where they live.

The weather contributes to our own satisfaction and it’s also what brings visitors from all over the world. Outside dining and people watching is great sport in Old Naples and along 5th Avenue. Our collection of world class shopping adds to and enhances our brand. Naples is well known for its exceptional medical care and many of our visitors use Naples as a medical destination, taking care of issues while recovering in paradise.

A favorite attraction for residents and visitors alike is our gorgeous pier, walking or standing and watching the water is relaxing and therapeutic. It is no secret that our community is one of the most generous in the world.

Opportunities to volunteer bring meaning and the selections to choose from are endless. We love the arts in Naples, visual, performing and creative. Baker Museum is a treasure, von Liebig always a pleasure; our Holocaust Museum provides education to young and old alike. Our County Museum provides our history, and this is just a sample of what’s available. Local art shows including Art in the Park, street festivals and galleries galore ensure that we have something for everyone.

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the food; our restaurants are nothing short of divine. It’s not just that we have so many choices, it’s that the quality is five-star and represents the tastes of people from all over the world. Local chefs provide a dining experience that is appealing to the eye, and delights the discriminating consumer. Healthy living is not just what we talk about but what people do and our parks play an important part. Parks are well suited to our residents and visitors. Play areas for children and dogs, community activities, performances, music festivals and they are also just a great places to sit and enjoy time and space. The “Naples Brand,” like a great recipe has many ingredients, all different but when blended together bring forth a creation that is world class. A place that we are proud to call home; Naples.

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